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Based on ethical principles of neutrality and transparency, our approach allows finance and accounting professionals to better understand the challenges and opportunities of various financial strategies.

Assisting you in your role as an expert advisor.


We accept consulting mandates from professionals wishing to position themselves with their clients on issues relating to their financial security.

  • Telephone consultation
  • Specific strategy evaluation and support
  • Validation of financial strategies with qualified advisors


Offered by certified financial planners, our short courses are intended for professionals wishing to perfect their skills in financial strategies which integrate insurance and investments

  • In-class or remote training courses
  • Customized in-company training


during our consulting and corporate training mandates

Split-dollar Critical Illness

This strategy involves sharing ownership of a critical illness insurance policy between a corporation and its shareholder/key person.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Partnership insurance

What would happen to the company in the event of the premature death of one of its shareholders? Will it be able to fund the buy-back clause of the shareholders' agreement?

Which products should you favor, which ones should you avoid?

Asset diversification insurance

Can insurance be used to diversify portfolio assets? To what extent? Using its preferential tax treatment, can it surpass the assumed return of a balanced portfolio?

Leveraged loan insurance

In what situations could life insurance be used as a leveraged loan?

Is this strategy effective and, above all, sustainable?

Insurance as retirement savings

Is life insurance relevant as a retirement accumulation tool?

What are the required conditions for setting up such a strategy

Wealth maximization

What are the mechanisms for creating and increasing wealth for future generations?

Personal or corporate ownership, which should be prioritized?

Planned giving

Can one be a philanthropist without impoverishing one's estate? What are the different options?

What are the mechanics and tax benefits?

Back-to-back annuity

A life annuity offers stability, but could be a costly option for the estate.

What is a back-to-back annuity? Under what circumstances should it be considered?

Transfer of a life insurance policy

What are the tax implications of transferring a life insurance policy, whether intercompany or to an individual? What are the rules to follow? What are the elements considered in the calculation of the fair market value? 

Is it a worthwhile exercise?

Permanent life insurance – Universal or Whole Life

Universal life and whole life have completely different mechanics and, consequently, taxation.

What are their distinct characteristics? In what situation should one be favored over the other? What’s the impact on the capital dividend account (CDC) when held by a corporation?

Due to its preferential tax treatment, insurance can be a powerful weapon in your clients' financial arsenal.

If you wish to offer them objective professional advice on their financial strategies involving insurance, let's discuss your needs.

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