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A unique 360o Vision Analysis, based on your financial situation and your objectives

Best coverage guaranteed.


Understanding who you are


Forecasting your future needs


Building the proper combination


Comparing other plans

You are unique. So are your needs.

This initial analysis is crucial in order for our recommendations to be perfectly adapted to your situation.

Your professional situation: Are you an employee, self-employed, a business owner?

Your personal situation: What is your current standard of living? Is anyone around you financially dependent on you such as a spouse or children?

Your financial situation: In what financial phase of your life are you in currently? What are your savings habits? Is the amount of money you have in your emergency fund sufficient?

Your current coverage: How much insurance coverage do you have at work or with individual policies?

State of health and medical history: What is your state of health? Have you ever received a medical diagnosis that could affect your ability to obtain insurance coverage?


The answer to these questions will allow us to establish a blueprint of the insurance coverage you need today to protect your future and those of your loved ones.

Unfortunately, this step is often the most neglected. Yet, for your coverage to be effective, it must be aligned with your current financial situation and your future objectives.

You’re planning to start a family, buy a property, start your own business, financially help out a loved one? What are your personal and professional objectives in the short, medium and long term?


The answer to these questions will allow us to better define the best strategy to adopt.

Having identified your current and future needs, our analysis reveals the types of coverage required as well as the most appropriate combination of products amongst the large array available in the marketplace.

Products available to all

  • Life insurance (10, 20, 30 year term, term to age 65 or 100, permanent or universal life)
  • Critical Illness insurance
  • Disability insurance (short and long term)
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Long term care insurance


Products specific to business people

  • Partnership insurance
  • Key person insurance
  • Business overhead insurance

Once we’ve identified the required insurance products and the optimal structure required to attain your objectives we evaluate all the available options in the marketplace

Professional or associative groups: these plans generally offer quality coverage and exclusive conditions at preferential rates.

Employer sponsored group insurance: these plans sometimes offer participants optional insurance coverage at preferential group rates

Other insurers: Given our total independence, we can present you an offer from all the Insurance companies active in the marketplace, including niche Insurers and exclusive products available to us through strategic alliances.


We are then able to formulate our recommendations, in writing, in full transparency.

Insuring your financial well being is our fundamental purpose

For a personalized analysis of your financial needs

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